‘A’ level and IGCSE (‘O’) Level) results were released on Thursday, 10 and Thursday, 17 January respectively. We are pleased with the results attained by most of our pupils.
Our IGCSE (‘O’ Level) pass rate for 2018 for candidates who scored at least five subjects with C or better was 85.5%. Our best student was Vimbainashe Chimhande who scored 12 As with five of these being A*s Excellent achievement !!!!!.
The following students also performed brilliantly:

  • Mandikudza Dangwa 10As four being A*s
  • Vimbainashe Sengweni 9As two being A*s, 7As.
  • Tanatswa Mapholisa – Moyo 1A*, 5As and 4Bs.
  • Takudzwa Makunde 1A*, 5As, 2Bs and IC
  • Prince Chabata 2A*s, 3As and 5Bs
  • Kumbirai Nazare 6As, 2Bs and 1C.
  • Shalon Chatsiwa 5As and 3Bs
  • Kudakwashe Maposa 5As, 3Bs and 1C.
  • Hannah Chidzambga 5As, 3Bs and 2Cs.

At ‘A’ Level we achieved a 100% pass rate. This is the third year running obtaining such an excellent pass rate. Our best student was Tafadzwa Machiri who scored 19 points ( Accounting A*, Chemistry A, Biology A and Mathematics B).
The following also achieved very good results:

  • Shingai Manyemwe 15 points (A Mathematics. A Chemistry and A in Physics)
  • Tinotenda Mashanda 18 points (A Chemistry, A Biology, B Physics and B Mathematics)
  • Tanatswa Gwaze 14 Points ( A Mathematics, A Chemistry and B Physics)
  • Craig Peri 14 points (A Chemistry, A Mathematics and B Physics)
  • Terrell Demorgan 14 points (A* Accounting, A Business and B Mathematics).

Congratulations to our students for attaining good results “ Like armoured Knights we will shine for Goldridge our School” our school song says.