Cambridge Examinations Results for 2017


‘A’ Level and IGCSE (‘O’ Level) results were released on Wednesday, 10 and Wednesday, 17 January
respectively. We are all impressed by the significant improvements in performance by our pupils at both
Our IGCSE/ ‘O’ level pass rate improved from 72.3% in 2016 to 84.5% in 2017 for candidates who passed at
least five subjects with C or better. Our best student was Blessing Muningwi who scored 8A*s, 2As and 1B.
Excellent !!!!
The following pupils also achieved brilliant results:

  • Neel Harry 6A*s, 3As and 1B
  • Thamsanqa Sigondo 5A*s and 5As
  • Tafadzwa Saungweme 5A*s, 3As and 2Bs
  • Keith Ntini 4A*s, 4As and 2Bs
  • Tinashe Austin 2A*s, 5As and 2Bs
  • Kimberly Kaserera 1A*, 7As and 2Bs
  • Tatenda Chachoka 1A*, 6As and 3Bs
  • Chido Mudondiro 1A*, 6As and 2Bs
  • Artwell Machinga 7AS, 2Bs and 1C
  • Kupakwashe Muchohonyi 1A*, 5As and 4Bs
  • Tichinashe Makurumidze 6As and 4Bs
  • Rukudzo Mapara 6As, 3Bs and 1C
  • Rufaro Chingozho 1A*, 4As, 3Bs and 1C
  • Mufaro Mukundu 5As, 3Bs and 1C

At ‘A’ Level we achieved a 100% pass rate as in 2016. Our best students were Panashe Makuhunga and
Arnold Bunya who both scored 15 points (Mathematics A, Physics A* and Chemistry A*) and
(Mathematics A, Chemistry A* and Biology A*) respectively. The following also achieved 15 Points:

  • McElyween Madziwa 1A*(Physics) and 2As (Mathematics and Chemistry)
  • Tanaka Chigwada 1A* (Physics) and 2As (mathematics and Chemistry)
  • Panashe Muzuva 3As (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

The following did very well and scored 14 points each:

  • Anesu Mukura (Chemistry A, Mathematics B, Physics A)
  • Kimberly Mukumbi (Biology A, Chemistry A, Mathematics B)
  • Munesu Mawisire (Chemistry A, Physics A, Mathematics B)
  • Nyasha Lunda (Biology B, Chemistry A, Mathematics A)
  • Ruvimbo Chibi (Business A, Divinity A*, History B)
  • Tapiwanashe Matanga (Chemistry A, Mathematics B, Physics A)
  • Timothy Zvorufura (Chemistry A, Mathematics B, Physics A)
  • Lorraine Govera scored 17 points (Chemistry B, Mathematics A, Physics A, Business C)


The following attained excellent scores in at least two of the three subjects:

  • Tadiwa Banda
  • Kelsey Tombs
  • Anita Mafasitera
  • Joshua Morris
  • Sabihah Esat
  • Tanyaradzwa Mutara
  • Tadiwanashe Makuwaza

We congratulate our students for performing very well. They keep on shining for Goldridge, our school.