Examination Results for 2023

We received our ‘A’ and IGCSE level results on 9 and 18 January 2024 respectively.

It is sad that after seven consecutive years of scoring 100% pass rates at ‘A’ Level, in 2023 our pass rate went down to 90%. However, on a very bright note, our best student at ‘A’ level, Tinotenda Makunde scored 20 points (A* in Mathematics, A* in Physics, A* in Chemistry and A* in Biology). Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope to Tinotenda Makunde and her family *****

At IGCSE (‘O’ Level )our percentage pass rate was 84%. Our best student was Ilhaam Esat who scored 10As, nine being A*s. ( Accounting A*, Biology A*, Business Studies A*, Chemistry A*, Geography A*, Information Communication Technology A*, Literature in English A*, Mathematics A*, Physics A* and First Language English A) Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope to Ilhaam Esat and his

family *****
We are very proud of both Tinotenda Makunde and Ilhaam Esat for the Exceptional Results in a class of their own. Their results should inspire confidence in our 2024 examination writing candidates.



We are also proud of the achievements of the following students:

  •  Emmanuel Bude - 3A*, 7As

  • Priyasha Harry - 1A*, 7As and 2Bs

  • Carol Dandira - 1A*, 7As and 2Bs

  • Abraar Miya - 2A*, 5As and 3Bs

  • Michael Tombs - 1A*, 6As and 2Bs

Congratulations to all the students listed above.