There is no doubt that education is one of the most important and precious gifts that one can give to a child. This is why under the current coronavirus pandemic there has been an eLearning wave in education, that our staff had to quickly adapt to, in order not to disadvantage our children. One of the experiences is that teaching children physically in a classroom, cannot be compared with the effort that teachers had to put in providing online lessons. The switch from the traditional classroom to the computer-based learning in a virtual classroom has not been easy. Remote lessons have reminded us that powerful learning happens best, when teachers and children are engaged as it allows for physical movement around, monitoring and prompting the students, and watching their responses. 

While teachers have been providing appropriate support to the children to learn, it is sad that some students are being affected by poor time management. eLearning requires self-discipline and self-motivation. Children should have a positive attitude to overcome all possible challenges. There are a number of students who have fallen behind in their written work and some who are not attending all lessons. We do appreciate that parents are now busy at work, but we urge you to check on what your child is doing. Feel free to contact the teachers for any clarification needed. The success of eLearning, depends on the partnership between the parent and the teacher. Remember that as parents you are playing part of the role of a teacher. We are happy that many parents have quickly developed the necessary skills to monitor and supervise children at home. 

It is disappointing that some students have been affected by poor internet connection, electricity load shedding and low bandwidth at times. Whenever that happens, they can access the recorded lessons when internet becomes available.